Fortified towns and top monuments

Cultural wealth in city and country

Cities like 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda offer beautiful trips back in time. Places where Hieronymus Bosch and the Dutch royal family left their marks. And what about Vincent van Gogh and beautiful fortified towns such as Heusden, Bergen op Zoom and Willemstad. From museum exhibitions to sights in the open air, experience the cultural heritage of North Brabant.

North Brabant is home to beautiful museums and heritage sites

From the Biesbosch MuseumEiland to Heeswijk Castle and from the Trappist monastery Koningshoeven Abbey to Het Noordbrabants Museum. All in close proximity to each other and always against the backdrop of North Brabant's countryside and estates.


's-Hertogenbosch is a contemporary city full of life, culture and history. It has been awarded the title of most hospitable city many years in a row, perhaps in part thanks to its 'Bossche Bol’, a delicious pastry that is characteristic for the city. Visit St. John's Cathedral, sail over the Binnendieze canal or enjoy the beautiful market from one of the pavement cafes. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage and the vibrant welcoming atmosphere in the city of artist Hieronymus Bosch.


With its picturesque streets, centuries-old buildings, many art studios and galleries, unique shops, top restaurants and little harbours, the atmospheric fortified town of Heusden is a great destination for lovers of art, culture and history. Heusden is truly a tourist haven.


Breda is linked historically with the Dutch royal family, and various places in the city are reminiscent of that. Centuries-old monuments, combined with water and greenery, characterize the city, with the Grote Kerk Church as its central eye-catcher. But you can also kick back in the city park or enjoy the serenity of the Begijnhof courtyard.

Oudenbosch Basilica

This replica of St. Peter’s in Rome (scale 1:16) was built in the West Brabant village of Oudenbosch between 1865 and 1880. Climb the 144 steps to the top of the dome where you can admire the majestic interior from a height of 30 metres. Explore the basilica on your own or with a guide who will take you through the history of the basilica. It makes an ideal combination with the Oudenbosch Arboretum: this former monastery garden has grown into a green paradise over the past thirty years, located in the historic heart of Oudenbosch.

Packages The roots of the Low Lands

Visit the beautiful cultural heritage of past and present in the relaxed and bon-vivant environment that North Brabant offers.

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Top monuments in Brabant

St John's Cathedral, together with the Grote Kerk Church in Breda, the Markiezenhof palace in Bergen op Zoom and Heeswijk Castle, form the top monuments of North Brabant.

Town Hall


Heeswijk Castle


Koningshoeven Abbey